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A La Carte Customized HR Services

Support & Management Options

A La Carte Options afford convenient and affordable pricing that gives you the opportunity to purchase what you need when you need it. Purchase them separately or bundle them at a discounted rate to fit your needs. You choose the HR service(s) you need when you need them. All HR support, services, training and management of programs from pre-hire to retire are available as well as consultation by the hour.  

Services Include:

+ Just In Time Hourly Consultation

+ Termination Assistance

+ HR Risk Assessment (up to 270 requirements assessed)

+ EEOC/DOL Charge Response and Development

+ ADA Accommodation Administration

+ Base Pay, Bonus, and Commission Program Development

+ Market Pay Analysis

+ FLSA Classification of Jobs - Exempt or Non-Exempt

+ Compensation Program Development

+ Work-From-Home Program Development

+ Flexible / Seasonal / Temporary Worker Program

+ FMLA & Other Employee Leave Administration

+ Employee Handbooks

+ Onboarding New Hires

+ Unemployment Benefit Response/Representation

HR Compliance

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The Compliance Audit and Risk Assessment

This package includes a comprehensive full span compliance audit that will mitigate your exposure to costly compliance oversights and/or mistakes that can lead to employment litigation, federal or state regulatory violations, fines, penalties, damages. Potential liability issues are identified and solutioned thereby eliminating and/or minimizing risk and mitigating exposure.    

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Third Party Investigation

This service provides senior level professionals to conduct workplace investigations such as allegations of sexual harassment, discrimination, hostile work environment, inappropriate workplace behavior/conduct, retaliation and any other workplace complaints or issues of concern. All investigations are completed in a thorough and timely manner, providing maximum confidentiality for participants and minimizing risk for the company. A summary report and recommendation are provided to the business owner.

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Your Recruiting Department

Our Recruiting Package focuses on value driven recruiting outcomes to support your organizational success and profitability.  The goal of our recruiting approach is to position candidates for occupational accomplishment and create alignment between the competencies of the candidates, their suitability with the culture, and the long-term value they will bring to the organization.  This includes position description development, sourcing, screening, interviewing, selection coaching, reference and background review, offer of employment agreement and onboarding.

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